bread and butter                                                      6

marinated olives                                                       7

spiced nuts                                                                   8

oysters                                                                       mp
cucumber +  jalapeño mignonette,

french fries                                                                   8
thyme,  malt mayonnaise                                                      

charcuterie / cheese board                    21 / 35


foie gras torchon                                                 18
pickled peach,  chili + honey dressing,

glazed parsley root                                             14
onionash honey ,   pear+  oats              

artichoke salad                                                        16
hazelnuts,  comté,  watercress                

roasted sunchoke                                                    16
apple,  muscat grape,  duck ham

torched mackerel                                                   16
cucumber,   buttermilk,  basil                               

cauliflower                                                                15
shellfish sauce,  green peppercorns               

fried veal sweetbreads                                       18
bacon,  capers,  lettuce  

grilled flat iron                                                          26
black garlic,  onions,  smoked fat             



blueberries                                                                     8
buckwheat,  fennel pollen meringue

plum tart                                                                          8
mint,  vanilla sour cream         

cheese board                                                    21 / 35        
preserves,  toast,  candied nuts      



  Please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities.

  Some dishes may be altered for dietary accommodations.