Sat & Sun  12pm to 4pm


bread and butter                                                         6

oysters                                                                          mp

french fries                                                                    8
thyme,  malt mayonnaise 


charcuterie / cheese board                     21 / 35

smoked mackerel omelette                              14
sour cream,  chives

welsh rarebit + fried egg                                     14
cheddar,   stout,  watercress

artichoke salad                                                         16
hazelnuts,  comté,  watercress                

roasted sunchokes                                                  16
fried egg,  prosciutto,  maple syrup

cauliflower                                                                   16
shellfish sauce,  green peppercorns               

fried chicken sandwich                                        16
slaw,  pickles,  spicy ketchup,  fries


blueberries                                                                    8
buckwheat,  fennel pollen meringue

plum tart                                                                         8
almonds,  brandy sour cream                  




 Please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities.
 Some dishes may be altered for dietary





pilot coffee, french press        small press     7                                                           

                                                                large press    11


brewed teapot                                                              5     

english breakfast / earl grey

green / chamomile / rooibos



mimosa                                                                          12
belstar prosecco &  orange juice


bellini                                                                              12
belstar prosecco & apricot nectar


caesar                                                                             13
walter’s, vodka, spices,
worcestershire, pickled celery  


orange juice                                                                   6        

fresh seasonal juice                                                   5

peach iced tea                                                             4

pop                                                                                       3  

mineral water                                                                8



ask for our BTG & bottle specials